Extrusion Calculator
The Compuplast ® Extrusion Calculator ™ allows the user to quickly and easily determine the flow characteristics in the most common types of flow geometries found in extrusion like Tubes, Plates, Annuli and Screw Channels. It can also simulate, multi-layer flows (coextrusion) and includes material database tools with  viscosity data fitting functions to add your own materials. The user interface is very intuitive and self explanatory making it easy to learn and use.

One of the unique features of The Compuplast ® Extrusion Calculator ™ is that it automatically checks each calculation and provides warnings if certain flow characteristics are beyond the normally acceptable limits.  These operating limits are based on the many years of practical experience that the Compuplast development team has acquired. The warnings help to point out potential problem areas or poor designs which also makes the Compuplast ® Extrusion Calculator ™ an excellent, practical, teaching tool. This is just one of the many features that separates Compuplast from other simulation software suppliers.
Currently being updated. Contact your local representative, or Compuplast, for an alternate version.