Compuplast Products, Extrusion
COMPUPLAST ® products and services are being used by many of the world's leading plastics extrusion equipment manufacturers as a part of their daily design procedures. Polymer suppliers use our simulation software for technical service assistance and as training tools. Plastics Processors around the world use our simulation software and services for troubleshooting, equipment evaluation and the development of proprietary designs. Our commitment to product quality and our knowledgeable support staff have made COMPUPLAST ® products and services the choice of the plastics extrusion industry.
Coretech Systems: Injection Molding
Moldex3D is the abbreviation of "Mold Expert" and it represents the next generation in CAE analysis tools for injection molding.This software is capable of simulating the filling, packing, and cooling processes of the injection molding and the warping of the plastic parts ejection. In addition, it helps to precisely predict distribution variables (including the flow, temperature, pressure, shear stress, and volumetric shrinkage of the plastic materials) at the end of every process before opening the mold. The time-history curves of variables such as sprue pressure variation and clamping force, the possible locations of welding lines and air traps are also predictable with the Moldex3D application. What's more, Moldex3D can be used for evaluating the efficiency of cooling system and estimating the shrinkage and warpage issues for products beforehand.
Accuform: Thermoforming and Blow Molding
Compuplast and its Wordwide network of representatives are also authorized agent for the T-SIM (thermoforming) and the B-SIM (blow molding) simulation software developed by Accuform.